Introducing the World's first and most advanced seed fertilizer brand.

Seed germination and vigour are two major indicators for crop yield and quality. Apart from the quality of the seed there are various factors that contribute to seed germination and vigour including soil types, pH, nutrient status, disease and abiotic stress which cannot be fully controlled.

Trail Blaze is a novel molecular seed formula, designed to maximise seed germination and vigour. Providing seeds with the support of Trail Blaze in the initial stage has a major impact on crop returns.

Trail Blaze has provided significant benefits to both field and cash crops. Read reviews for more details on the benefits.

Introducing Trail Blaze 2 (a new and improved patented molecular seed formula).



Trail Blaze is a unique patented seed fertilizer scientifically designed to maximize crop yields by boosting germination and vigour in the initial stages of crop growth.

Essential Nutrients with Bio-stimulants and inertmineral as base material

Direction for use

Thoroughly mix Trail Blaze @2.5 ml/kg of seeds to have uniform coating before sowing.

Recommended for all Cash & Field crops.


  • Blaze helps in faster, better & uniform germination of seeds/seedlings.

  • Blaze improves growth & vigour of the seedlings.

  • Blaze improves uptake of nutrients & water by the seedlings due to increased root hairs.



Trail Technologies for superior yields


Germax Technology : Ensures uniform and superior germination of seeds.


Vigr Technology: Unique patented formula helps in
enhanced growth & vigour of the seedling.


Puresol Certification: Strict quality control certification
process ensure the use of purest nutrients/ingradients.


More % of germination in treated fields (99%),
when compared to control(75%).


Mr. Singireddy Surendar Reddy

Babaguda, Tomato Farmer

More vigour,increased plant height and higher yields.


Mr. Surender Reddy

Shamirpet, Bitter gourd farmer

Increased tillering and yield has gone up by 4 quintals.


Mr. DV Ramanaiah

Nellore, Paddy Farmer

Increased tillering and yield has gone up.


Mr. A KiranKumar

Nellore, Paddy Farmer