Introducing AKRE, the worlds most advanced carbon fertilizers brand, focused on supplementing carbon intermediaries to maximize crop yields.

All living things are carbon based. Carbon atoms bond with other atoms to form chains such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which in turn provides other living things with nourishment.

Plants use carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, the process whereby the plant converts the energy from the sun, Co2 from the air and water from the soil into carbon based molecules. Plants use these carbon based molecules to grow and reproduce. Carbon absorption and assimilation are intrinsically linked with crop yields and yield quality.

Carbon absorption and assimilation capability of crops vary widely and depend on various factors including seed quality, nutrition, soil quality and increasingly abiotic and biotic stress levels.

Given that it's increasingly difficult and complex to determine carbon fixation, years of research have shown External Carbon Intermediate supplementation can significantly enhance crop yields.

After nearly a decade of R&D, fertis has developed a range of advanced water soluble carbon intermediates (fertilizers), which have through independent studies proven to significantly enhance crop yields, produce quality and reduce losses caused by abiotic and biotic stress.