Soil productivity despite its importance is one of the least understood and the least addressed subjects in Agriculture.

Soil Productivity is a very complex phenomena reflected in its key characteristics viz. soil texture, depth, pH, organic materials, type of micro organisms, salinity, minerals etc...

Majority of worlds agricultural soils are over utilised over centuries of farming. Inability to retain and provide applied nutrients or water, high incidence of soil borne pests and reducing return on crop investments in seed and pesticides are some of the symptoms of unproductive over utilized soils.

Introducing ACT, Asia's most comprehensive and technologically advanced soil quality improvement brand.

Enhancing soil productivity is an essential and an effective way to maximize crop yields and returns.

Typical soil enhancement programs require not only substantial product volume, time and cost yet do not provide adequate return on investment.

It has been scientifically proven that unlike traditional products and practices endophytes contribute significantly to the chemistry and structure of the soil apart from enhancing crop growth, yield and quality they also provide certain level of protection against abiotic stress and biotic stress.

Investing in probiotics for soil and crop improvement is as important as investments in seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.

ACT contains ACTIN Branded Ingredients which is a result of extensive crop endosphere microbiome studies. It contains proprietary patented crop probiotics and other materials to maximise soil and crop productivity.

Primary Benefits of ACT are higher root and vegetative growth, higher crop yield and quality, reduced diseases (offering protection against some disease casing microbes through competitive infection), superior water and nutrient uptake and better protection against water and salinity stress apart from improving soil productivity.

With ACT Farmers can observe results of good yields without needing to wait for the next season apart from building foundation for the next cropping cycle.



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